Drinking Problems

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People say that when you drink you tend to forget everything around yourself. It takes to a utopia which works at your whims and fancy. Sordid and grim realities are dumped or may be for few hours its seems as if they don't exist. O what a wonderful feeling! It does have a healing effect to your tired and wretched senses and nerves. This isn't bad at all. Real problem appears when things start crossing their designated limits. Am not professing the fact that drinking will always do well or drinking will always wreak havoc. Instead all am trying to say is alcohol has its own fair share of pros and cons where the latter has always topped and surpassed the other.

Human being is a creature of habit. Everything that we do from dawn to dusk is a habituated action. So life becomes an ordeal when people have to shed their old- die hard habits in lieu of new, healthy and beneficial counterparts. The fear of accommodating the new rules and habits is so much that many doesn't even try that although knowing that the current wrong habits are killing them. You can see them walking down the street and assuring themselves by saying loudly am fine, am fine. Good if you believe that you are fine.

This assurance comes when you are trying to console yourself knowing well that things aren't fine any longer. Change is always rebellious. Anyone who tries to bring change in whatever quantity has always been seen as a rebel. There are some situations in life when you have to be a rebel for your own good. Alcoholism is one such area where the addict has to kick the habit of drinking incessantly and adhere to new regime that is practiced in alcohol rehab.

Alcohol treatment center doesn't kill the habit. The object of addiction is changed. Instead of habituated to drinking endlessly the patients are addicted to new healthy lifestyle complimented with exercises, reading and other fruitful activities which injects strong will- power and a fresh lease to lead the life without drinking. It is when someone suffering with drinking problem tries to assess himself and learn about his shortcomings that the actual recovery installs. More than any second person it is the person who has to first understand what are his life's priorities and where he was heading. Self realization is the first step for any recovery. Until and unless you don't realize that you are digging your own grave, no one not even God can save you from falling into it.

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Drinking Problems

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This article was published on 2011/02/10